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We specialize in holistic online marketing consulting as well as agency services in  Google Ads (paid search) and conversion optimization.

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Online Marketing Strategy

Our founder Markus has 10 years of experience in developing and implementing holistic online marketing strategies. We regularly use this knowledge with our customers to advise them on their digital marketing activities beyond our agency services.

There are a variety of digital channels. Digital marketing is constantly evolving and the tactics that worked yesterday will be outdated tomorrow.

We help our customers stay on the ball and open up and expand the right channels.

Thanks to our consulting services, our customers always have a competent contact person and can be sure that they are investing their time and resources in the right activities.

We have worked with a variety of companies and helped them develop  the right marketing channels.

As an agency service we offer SEM / Google Ads / Paid Search.

We are available to advise on all other marketing channels, be it SEO, affiliate, social, or email.

In individual cases, we also take on marketing channels other than paid search if it has the greatest possible benefit for our customers.

Conversion optimization is the second of our specializations, alongside paid search. We want to make sure that our customers do not lose the expensive traffic they have purchased on their website.

A high conversion rate has a direct impact on business success. For this reason we offer this service as an agency service.

We use various techniques to help our customers continually improve their conversion.

Data is only as valuable as the value it creates.

Many companies don’t have the time or knowledge to properly use the data they collect.

The conversion (or use) of Google Analytics to GA4 as well as server-side tracking represents a challenge for many marketing teams.

We help our customers get better at analyzing, visualizing and interpreting data.


Google Ads (Paid Search)

Google Search is THE marketing channel for more traffic in which we specialize. Our aim is to get the most out of our customers‘ campaigns.

In the last 10 years we have seen >25 companies from the inside. For every single one of these companies, Google Ads was one of, if not the most, important marketing channel.

There are almost no companies left for which paid search is not the channel closest to sales in digital sales. Traffic that comes through this channel is very often ready to buy.

SEA is therefore usually a very important sales driver and is also easily scalable. We specialize in this channel because we want to ensure that our customers are as well positioned as possible in paid search and achieve the best possible results with their campaigns.

Projects begin with discussing goals and KPIs. Together we determine which metrics we want to optimize for in the SEA measures.

This is followed by an audit, i.e. checking the existing account and campaign setup. This ranges from keyword research to checking the campaign structure and creating a catalog of measures.

The catalog of measures contains optimizations and adjustments for the first weeks and months – It defines the basic roadmap that we will follow during the course of the collaboration, especially at the beginning.

As the collaboration progresses, new challenges and opportunities arise, for example through scaling. We position our customers in the best possible way.

Our daily business. The tactics for optimizing Google accounts are individually tailored to our customers.

Our internal checklist includes almost 200 possible optimizations – we find the right activities and implement them so that the best possible results can be achieved.

Interested in our Google Ads checklist? Send an email to info@markuskuempel.de and we will send it to you.

It is important to us that our customers understand how their campaigns are running and which optimizations lead to success.

We work very data-driven and place great value on trust and transparency. The results of our activities are therefore regularly discussed and evaluated with our customers.

Conversion Optimization

The number of conversions (purchases / registrations / downloads) in relation to the number of website visitors is called the conversion rate. We use a variety of techniques to continuously and sustainably improve this metric for our customers.

The best campaign is of little use if what follows the click does not reflect the user’s intent. We help our customers develop a funnel that enables a seamless buying process for prospects.

Many companies don’t have a clean funnel. There are often no real landing pages and the look and feel of the campaigns and pages do not match. Most of the time, users are not properly guided through the purchasing process.

For us, conversion optimization means making it as easy as possible for the user to buy a product in the first step. This means that everything fits together, from the ad to the landing page to the conversion.

Some companies have very simple funnels and other companies have complex application processes. We ensure for our customers that everything the customer sees and perceives fits together seamlessly.

The result is an improved user experience, which in turn can be measured in better conversion rates.

Once the funnel is built, the real work of conversion optimization begins.

First, we implement best practices and optimize all pages with the best know-how. There are various techniques that we use to constantly improve the conversion rate.

This particularly includes A/B testing and user testing, but user recordings and heatmaps are also very important in order to receive both qualitative and quantitative feedback on user behavior.

Through better conversion rates, we not only influence the success of our marketing activities in paid search – we optimize the conversion for ALL USERS, including those who reach the website via other ways (channels).

The customer’s intention determines what should be found on the landing page. Landing pages have a significant influence on whether users are interested after clicking on an ad. This then determines the subsequent behavior. We create landing pages for our customers with low bounce rates and high click-through rates.

The landing page is often followed by a product page, an application process, or a checkout funnel. The better all of the customer’s touchpoints fit together, the more likely they are to decide on the product and buy it. We ensure this through various measures and best practices.

The most important activity in conversion optimization. We show users two slightly different versions of the same page and measure which version works better.

The better version is then permanently implemented, leading to a sustained increase in sales figures.

A/B testing often shows outstanding results, especially at the beginning. We can test everything, from buttons, to images, to textual changes.

During user testing, we set selected tests very specific tasks for our customers‘ websites.

We let users visit and purchase from our customers‘ websites and ask them to share their experience with us.

But that’s not all: The testers‘ screen is recorded and the testers speak into the microphone in real time while they complete the task (e.g. „Make a purchase“).

This means we receive high-quality feedback and can then use this directly to improve our customers‘ websites.

User recordings & heatmaps are the right extension to A/B testing and user testing.

We record how users behave on our customers‘ websites and create and interpret heatmaps that show us which elements users interact with most and least often.

Do you actually know which pages your potential customers go to? How your customers behave on desktop and on mobile? Or whether certain operating systems and browsers show better completion figures? We will help you find out exactly this and then implement appropriate measures to improve conversion.

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Your first point of contact is usually our founder Markus. We only work with a small number of companies and rely on the best possible advice.

It depends on how intensive the support should be and how many of our four services your company needs. Feel free to ask, you will usually receive an initial assessment within 24 hours.

We specialize in companies that acquire a relevant portion of their traffic through Google Search Ads (paid search) and for which users require several website interactions before making a purchase.

First, we define together which of the four services make sense for your company. We then specify the activities and then we get started together!

Our founder Markus has seen over 25 companies from the inside. He is a marketing strategist with >10 years of experience in online marketing and our team consists of experts in the individual areas of our services.

We particularly support the development of a holistic online marketing strategy. For other channels such as social media or SEO, we have a close network of partners that we can flexibly bring in to optimally cover your needs.

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