Generate more Revenue with your Google Ads

We make your Google campaigns more profitable and achieve significantly more registrations and inquiries in just 6 weeks.

90% of our customers extend the cooperation

90% of our customers extend the cooperation

The last agency you need for more profitable Google Ads.

There are many exciting disciplines in online marketing, but our specialization is in ​​Google Ads. With >10 years of experience and 90% extended projects, we are your trusted partner for optimizing your SEA campaigns.

Markus Kuempel, Online Marketing Experte seit 2014

The Google Ads Funnel for more Leads and Sign Ups

With Google Ads we reach your target group throughout the entire customer journey. Google offers us the right solutions for every step, both in B2C and B2B: We convince the right user at the right time on the right device with the right ad.

A trustworthy and specialised companion for more profitability

For us, quality advice and transparent collaboration are on a par with great performance.

Data protection-compliant and modern tracking included

Improved attribution, functioning conversion tracking, data protection-compliant use of consent mode (V2).

Our clients love working with us

"Markus supported us greatly in our go to market phase. Very data driven, highly motivated - A real asset for our team. Thank you!"
Dr. Jan Kuklinski, Loveholidays
General Manager
Extremely positive collaboration: Comprehensive expertise in digital marketing. Very obliging and professional."
Elmar Schwarzl, SwissRe Group
Vice President Technology
Very professional work and excellent marketing knowledge. We would work with Markus and his team again at any time.
Ludolf Ebner, Bankenscore
Founder & CEO
Thanks to Markus leading our marketing we were able to successfully boost our new digital business from the very beginning.
Tobias Piqué, Vaillant Group
Manager Digital Strategy

Dein Marketing ist 2024 wieder vorne dabei!

Vom Klick auf die Google-Anzeige bis zur Anmeldung, oder zum Kauf - Wir helfen Deinem Unternehmen dabei, durch gezielte Maßnahmen das Maximum aus Kampagnen und Funnel herauszuholen.

Marketing Strategie

Wir helfen Deinem Unternehmen, die richtigen Marketing-Kanäle und -Strategien zu finden, einzuführen & zu skalieren.

Google Ads (Paid Search)

Wir übernehmen Deinen Account und holen die bestmögliche Performance aus Deinen Search-Kampagnen heraus.

Conversion Optimierung

Durch Funnel- und Conversionoptimierung gelangen Deine Kunden schneller und zuverlässiger zum Kauf.

About Markus Kuempel

Our vision is to conquer the Google cosmos with our customers and grow together to unimagined heights.

This means helping our customers make their marketing more efficient and profitable.

To achieve this we offer two solutions:

1. Takeover of Google Ads as an agency: Markus and the team take over, optimize and scale your campaigns.

2. Online marketing strategy advice: Our founder Markus uses his expertise as a marketing manager and helps your company find and implement the optimal online strategy.

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What are your Google Ads and Digital Marketing challenges?


Your first point of contact is usually our founder Markus. We only work with a small number of companies and rely on the best possible advice. Our motivated Google Ads experts are always available to answer your questions regarding operational campaign support.

The intensity of the support depends on each customer individually. We usually work with fixed monthly retainers or on an hourly basis with a pre-defined volume. This means that the costs of collaboration are very predictable for our customers. You will receive all information about the price of our services in a free, non-binding initial consultation – these will then be tailored to your company.

Google Ads has changed a lot in recent years and has become more and more technical. Tactics that were the gold standard 2-3 years ago are now outdated. We recommend that all entrepreneurs and marketing managers get the necessary expertise in-house.

Of course, we look forward to hearing from you.

Google Ads has changed a lot in recent years and has become more and more technical. Tactics that were the gold standard 2-3 years ago are now outdated. We recommend that all entrepreneurs and marketing managers get the necessary expertise in-house.

Of course, we look forward to hearing from you.

We are very focused on becoming (and being 😉 the best in Google Ads.

In individual cases, we also take on activities in the areas of conversion optimization and data analytics.

There is also the possibility of hiring Markus Kuempel as interim manager. Feel free to talk to us about this.

In the free initial consultation we talk about your product and your target group. We also clarify what you expect from a collaboration and what strategy and budget we will work with.

After signing the contract, we do an audit and a kickoff call. The specific measures for the first few weeks are defined here.

Immediately afterwards we start implementing it. Both sides stay up to date through regular calls and reports.

Over the weeks and months, we work our way forward, making your campaigns more profitable and, if appropriate, scaling them.

Over the years we have managed 4, 5, 6 and 7 figure (monthly expenses) budgets.

Our founder Markus has 10 years of experience in online marketing across multiple industries.

He also has agency, startup, medium-sized and corporate experience.

Our customers are in the best hands with us.

We specialize in companies whose marketing activities are focused on registrations, inquiries and product purchases from a small product portfolio.

These include, for example, most B2B companies, SaaS companies, insurance companies, recruiters, or management consultancies.

Please contact us to find out whether we are a suitable match.

Within the Google universe, we usually rely on data-driven attribution.

However, every marketing platform (Google, Meta, etc.) tries to claim conversions for themselves.

When using different marketing platforms, this means that the total tracked conversions across all platforms are often larger than the actual number of conversions. What is worse, however, is that the reported profitability of campaigns often does not correspond to the truth.

For this reason, some companies need a third party attribution tool. There are, for example, Northbeam, Rockerbox, Tracify, Triple Whale, or Hyros.

We try to find the balance between simplicity and completeness, which means we rely on a setup for our customers that corresponds to the current complexity of marketing activities and with which our customers are well positioned for the next quarters and years.

We are happy to provide further information.

There are different ways to implement conversion tracking.

Many companies import their Google Analytics conversion goals into Google Ads. This method is simple and quick to implement, but inferior.

It is better to implement Google Ads conversion tracking.

There are three methods for this:

Hard Coded (gtag)
Google Tag Manager (GTM)
Tracking plugins

The most common variant is to use Google Tag Manager, as this variant makes us largely independent of our customers‘ IT department/developers and thus saves valuable time.

There are some exceptions for e-commerce, as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce etc. offer simplified solutions using plugins.

For more information about this, please contact us.

We’re happy to give you a brief overview of the different tracking solutions for different events (usually tracked using Google Tag Manager).

Contact forms and registrations: The simplest variant is to redirect to a thank you page after sending the contact form / after registering and to record the visit to this URL as a conversion event.

Click on contact details: The contact details are clickable and contain a link – We track the visit to the URL from the contact details (email, telephone number).

For even more sophisticated call tracking, we help our customers select suitable tools.

Further events: We can track every additional event on a website via the so-called data layer. This variant requires a little more effort and we use it when one of the simpler setups is not possible.

Yes! Implementing Enhanced Conversions improves campaign tracking.

With the help of enhanced conversions, we can capture more conversions, especially in the upper funnel and mid funnel.

This gives us a competitive advantage over the competition because we collect more and higher quality data.

We implement Enhanced Conversion Tracking via Google Tag Manager, or directly via gtag.

Yes! Server side tagging gives you an important data advantage compared to the competition.

Ad blockers, cookie restrictions and browser limitations no longer lead to data loss thanks to server side tagging.

Data is then no longer collected through cookies, but is sent to your own server and from then on to Google Ads, GA4 and co. forwarded.

In addition, server side tagging increases data protection.

Feel free to talk to us about this.

Yes! With Consent Mode we ensure that our customers are set up in accordance with data protection regulations on Google Ads.

The first thing to do here is to set up the Cookie Management Platform (CMP) correctly. There are many tools for cookie management, such as Cookiebot.

Consent mode then ensures on Google’s side that the cookies are managed correctly.

Consent Mode also uses machine learning to calculate how many conversions we achieve that could not be tracked.

Approximately 30% of all users reject cookies on websites. Using Consent Mode, we manage to capture around 70% of untracked conversions. The better data gives us a valuable competitive advantage.

Consent mode is implemented via gtag or via the Google Tag Manager.

For more information, please contact us!

Yes! Offline conversion tracking is particularly relevant for companies that receive a contact request on their website and sell their products or services later on the phone or in a personal conversation (offline).

There are various ways we can pass offline conversions back to Google Ads, which makes our tracking significantly better and allows us to better train the Google algorithm.